3rd Party Plugins and Interfaces

Meet your institution’s specific needs by installing 3rd Party Plugins and Interfaces

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Customise Your Solution With 3rd Party Plugins and Interfaces

ITS Integrator offers several 3rd party plugins and interfaces that add specific features to existing software solutions. When these plugins are installed, additional functions become available allowing for the customisation of a solution to suit your institution’s specific needs.

Why Institutions Choose Our 3rd Party Plugins and Interfaces?

Increases Software Flexibility

This acts as extensions of your current software, providing you with more flexibility in terms of software choices thereby enabling you to adapt to any software need.

Improved Efficiency

By being able to extend your software offering, this makes work better for your staff, students and institution. This leads to increased productivity in different areas concerning the institution.

Ease of use and application

These plugins and interfaces are simple and straightforward to install and apply within the institution. It makes each process easier to manage, ensuring both staff and student satisfaction.

Our Plugins & Interfaces

What you get with our 3rd Party Plugins and Interfaces


MyGate is a registered Payment Service Provider (PSP) offering leading payment gateway services, enabling merchants to authorise, settle and manage credit card and debit card transactions from a website, wide area network or MOTO environment.



VeriCred Collections is a South African based international debt collection agency, specialising in all aspects of Consumer Debt Recovery.


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments


CELCAT Timetabler

CELCAT Timetabler is the complete, state of the art solution for optimising resource utilisation, timetable publication, ad-hoc room booking and attendance


FIHRST is recognised by and works in partnership with, the majority of third-party payroll organisations, including pension fund and medical aid administrators.


FoneWorx creates an integrated and logical strategic process that assists organisations in building meaningful databases that are in line with the POPI act.

Sierra Library System

Sierra is a library system that provides automated workflows, integrated resource management and open access to data.

Innopac Library system

Real Pay

Real Pay is top online debit orders system. Get registered payment system service and direct debit order collections solutions in South Africa.

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