Timetabling (CELCAT)

The Timetabling (CELCAT) software effectively manages the administrative, generating and scheduling processes of course and exam timetables

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Optimises Resource Utilisation With Timetabling (CELCAT)

The Timetabling (CELCAT) software, part of the ITS Integrator system, has been created to enhance the administrative and scheduling processes of course and exam timetables. This state-of-the-art solution, not only optimises resource utilisation but reduces the time spent on scheduling and data capturing, resulting in saving on time and effort.

Why do institutions choose our Timetabling (CELCAT) Platform?

The Timetabling (CELCAT) software makes timetabling a convenient and practical process to manage, for both administrators and students. Other benefits of using this software include:

Reduction in administrative errors

This software mitigates human errors and easily automates course timetabling.

Saves on time and effort

The software reduces the amount of time and effort that is involved in planning a timetable, allowing staff to focus on other tasks which increase productivity.

Paperless administration

This software allows for the digital storage of this data, resulting in reduced paper use and savings on resources, space and effort.


Students can access their timetables, with or without authenticated access, on a webpage, making it easier for all students to keep up to date on their course timetabling.


The timetabling (CELCAT) platform is not only simple to access but is straightforward to read and understand.

Secure and safe

When submitting your details, you are required to give consent for the data being captured. This data is then safely stored and can only be accessed by those with the authorisation to do so.

What you get with Our Timetabling (CELCAT) Platform

Attendance Monitoring

The attendance monitoring solution allows you to track and record student attendance by automatically generating attendance registers based on timetabled events.

Automated Timetabling

This platform enables fully automated scheduling of the lecture timetable. This function allows the user to express the rules needed to construct a workable timetable, maximising resource utilisation while balancing the constraints, preferences and goals associated with those resources.

Room Requesting

The room booking solution provides staff and students with an easy-to-use, application for requesting and booking rooms.

Interactive Timetabling

This interactive solution includes a fully functional Windows client and feature-rich web interface. Users can construct timetables efficiently, based on their preferences.


Staff and students can view their personalised timetables in an easy-to-use and secure format and can also be kept up to date with timetable changes, thereby improving student satisfaction.


The reporting solution provides a variety of ways to collect, collate, validate and report on timetable and attendance data. This includes a range of features to analyse resource usage.

Pay Claim

The pay claim solution is a web-based portal, accessible on any device. Staff can create and submit pay claims quickly based on timetabled events and marked registers.


The integration solution allows institutions to incorporate the Timetabling (CELCAT) software suite into their Management Information System, Student Record System and Human Resource System.

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