Resource Management

The Resource Management software facilitates the management process for any institution project, from start to finish

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Maximise Your Institutions Efficiency With Resource Management

The ITS Integrator Resource Management software is a project management tool that enables institutions to manage and allocate resources to better maximise efficiency. This tool allows for planning, assigning, and tracking of who is working on a project, what resources are required and estimating the time required to complete the project. It assists in human resource management by identifying resource requirements, resource allocations, skill sets and managing the resource planning process to ensure the success of the project.

Why Institutions Choose Our Resource Management Platform

The ITS Integrator Resource management software was designed with educational institutions and their projects in mind. This software facilitates the management process for any project, like graduation, a seminar, guest speakers, new course development, skills development workshops etc., from beginning to end, ensuring that each project is a success. Other benefits of using this project management software include:

Increased revenue

A centralised automated resource management platform reduces errors and assists in identifying problems as well as resource requirements. This ensures that there are no delays or issues that may negatively impact administration costs, delivery costs, earning potential and revenue as a whole.

Improving project delivery

This platform helps to manage resource allocation of team members, their skill sets and the project requirements. As a result, project delivery becomes effective and efficient and gives insight into skills shortages and training requirements within the institution.

Providing more visibility and control

By using this platform, you are given a complete overview of the project, allowing you to track your team and the progress. This increased visibility allows for resource smoothing and allows you to better identify any problems or issues, vastly improving efficiency.

What You Get with Our Resource Management Platform

Contract Management

This software creates, tracks and monitors contracts and agreements. This assists in shortening approval times, increasing contract visibility, ensuring compliance with necessary regulations and improving document management and storage.

Print costing

This software tool was designed to ensure the effective management and optimisation of all print devices and processes.

Meal Booking and Point of Sale

The software manages student meal accounts for purchases of meals at different food outlets on various campuses and the pre-booking of meals at residences. The point of sale software manages the payment process for the meals at the outlets and residences.

Venue reservation software

This software tool allows institutions to manage everything in one place, such as their event spaces, equipment, accommodation, residences etc. This enables institutions to better handle enquiries, bookings and provide visibility and reporting on all venues, which assists in identifying utilization rates.

Vehicle reservation

This platform allows for the management of vehicle reservations related to the institution’s needs.

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