MIS and Reporting

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Ensure Successful Institution Functioning With MIS And Reporting

The ITS Integrator Management Information System (MIS) is a central data storage system that gathers, organises, stores, processes and analyses information to generate reports. This system assists educational institutions with the storing and reporting of student and financial information that is essential to the institution’s operations.

Why Institutions Choose Our MIS and Reporting Platform?

The ITS Integrator MIS and Reporting software has been specifically designed with the needs of educational institutions in mind. This software ensures that reporting of different student-related elements is efficient, effortless and accessible. Other benefits of using this software include:

Allows for quality decision-making

This platform ensures that those running educational institutions receive relevant information and insights about how the organisation is operating. This allows for swift identification of different problems and opportunities that may arise.

Helps achieve higher levels of efficiency

The time and effort it takes to pull essential reports are reduced when using this platform. This not only improves efficiency within the institution but allows you to identify any issues or problems and rectify them a lot sooner.

Improves employee productivity

This platform reduces the time staff spend on filing, storage and searching for student information when a report is needed. This frees up the staff’s tasks within the department or organisation, increasing their operational productivity.

Improves the quality of service

This platform assists in eliminating weaknesses as well as identifying and rectifying non-performance areas within the institution.  This results in the improvement of the quality of service given by staff and received by students.

What You Get with Our MIS and Reporting Platform

Metadata is essential when using a data warehouse that houses all your student information. Metadata is ultimately an inventory list of information relating to your institution, which is then catalogued and stored. The Metadata Data Layer software allows users to design and run reports based on pre-defined database views.

This platform is a reporting tool that generates reports that are necessary for the successful functioning of an institution. These reports include:

Generating student application reports
Generating student headcounts
Generating student graduation reports
Generating student subject information
Generating and viewing full-time student information
Generating student residence information
Generating student academic progress reports
Generating personnel information
Generating financial data
Generating accounts receivable information and
Generating cash flow information

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