Student Management

Student management systems simplify and reduce time spent on managing student data.

Next-generation education management applications for higher and further education institutions

Simplify Complex Processes With Student Management

Why Student Management?

Student management systems are software that simplifies and reduces time spent on managing student data, scheduling and communication.

It’s vital for educational institutions to make use of software that helps save costs, simplify complex processes, reduce errors and paperwork, and to generate reports for more effective decision making.

Why Institutions Choose Our Student Management System

The ITS Integrator  Student Management system offers institutions the functionality to manage applications, registrations, the amount of students allowed for a qualification and reserving places for repeating students.  It even makes provision for a Student Education Plan that a student might need or want to aid during student counselling interventions.

Adapt IT’s Student Management software includes a self-service function for students.

Other benefits include:

Simplifies and automates complex processes
Saves costs due to less time spent on manual tasks
Enhanced organisation of data
Ability to integrate with other value-add modules
Ensures compliance to statutory requirements, including audit trail
Integrates easily with 3rd party vendors

Your Students Benefits:

With the self-service option, students can complete registration faster
Less frustration for students
Provides a better student experience
Allows access to the self-service option via mobile devices which makes it convenient for students

What You Get With Our Student Management System

The Student System is a major component of the total suite of ITS Integrator since it handles the “core function” of record keeping of all students and the lifecycle of a student from admission through to graduation, these include:

Easy to implement, so that your workflow is optimised, and because of its simplicity, and the fact that it makes all processes easier, you’ll get your staff’s co-operation because it adds value to their lives.

Effortless legislative compliance from Edu.Dex and EDLES upload functionality is built into the system to accommodate the legal requirements of the location the institution is situated in.

Student administration, plus student self-service functionality online and via mobile devices, dramatically improves and cuts down the time consuming registration process not only for students, but employees.
Lecturer self-service functionality; lecturers are able to digitally enter their marks, and the automation of the system provides quicker turnaround time and integrity to exams and graduation certificates.
The software also works with distance and cooperative education processes, which is important because in 2017, out of the 1.2 million registrations for post-school education, 36% were for distance learning.
Institutions are able to develop their own front end (for student registrations) that fits in with their institution look and feel.
Keep on track with student debtors and simplify time consuming tasks, for example, users can download data into Excel, maintain it and upload the data back into the system.
Simplifies and enhances bursaries and loans management processes, and keeps everything organised.

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