Best Practice Workshops

Adapt IT Education facilitates a number of Best Practice Workshops aimed at ensuring that administration policies and procedures are effectively implemented.

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Best Practice Workshops

At Adapt IT Education, we believe in a holistic approach to the effectiveness and efficiency of administration policies, practices and procedures. Our Best Practice Workshops are focused on connecting institutions and facilitating conversations and discussions around best practice within the education industry.

The Best Practice Workshops are run in partnership with several forums and organisations within the field of administration policies, practices and procedures. These organisations include:

  • Student Accounts Administrators Forum (SAAF)
  • Remuneration Association for Educational Institutions (RAEI)
  • Best Practice Forum for ITS Integrator Procurement Management System Users

Through these workshops, we provide essential information on innovation, trends, standards, guidelines and efficiency within the industry.

Why Institutions Choose Our Best Practice workshops

Our Best Practice Workshops are aimed at bettering the industry as a whole and providing those working within education administration with the knowledge, advice and skills needed to run their institutions efficiently and effectively. There are many other benefits of attending these workshops, which include:

Providing an overarching view of the ins and outs of the industry

The Best Practice Workshops bring together leaders within the industry who can impart their knowledge and share their experiences. This gives those working in the field a broader view of the industry and allows them to see where they fit in and understand their value within the organisation.

Information Sharing

These workshop sessions allow for industry experts to share information on guidelines and standards for best practice. They provide a place for learning and education around best practice and why it is vital for the institution and industry as a whole.


The sessions allow for networking with others in the industry. Not only will this allow you to connect with industry leaders and meet prospective mentors, but the workshop sessions will help to develop and improve your skillset and knowledge base.

Open to all

The Best Practice workshops are open to all and not just those working on the ITS Integrator software. This was specifically done to bring different institutions together so that, the whole industry can share valuable knowledge, skills and experience.

What You Get with Our Best Practice Workshops

The workshop sessions include different kinds of activities that are focused on knowledge sharing and skills development. During the workshops, we also address several administrative functions which include:

Student accounts or student debtors’ function
Payroll function, that later extends to Human Resources Management
Faculty administration
Examinations administration
Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) reporting to the DHET
Student Financial Aid function
Timetabling function
Procurement Management inclusive of Assets management and Accounts Payable functions

The Best Practice Workshops aim to ensure that institutions have the correct policies, practices and procedures in place and that they are clearly defined and effectively applied.

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