Software Development Services

Software development services that automate and integrate academic and administrative functions within educational institutions.

Next-generation education management applications for higher and further education institutions

Software Development Services

Adapt IT Education are leaders in the field of custom software development for the education industry. The focus is on providing comprehensive administrative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions for institutions of higher education and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

What are Software Development Services?

Adapt IT Education’s software development services are based on innovative principles designed to make the management of the day to day running of educational institutions efficient and effective. This is done by creating customised software that automates and integrates academic and administrative functions.

Why Institutions Choose Our Software Development Services

Adapt IT Education’s software development services are aimed at optimising the administrative operations of educational institutions. This optimisation has many benefits, which include:

Simplifying processes

The running of an educational institution requires several different processes. If these processes are not centralised within a system you could be using more manpower and resources than you need to. An effective ERP software system would enable you to streamline all processes related to the student administration, fee issuing and collections, human resources, student timetables and exam schedules and more.

Improving overall agility

Adapt IT Education provides software development services that support the institution’s needs for financial and operating planning and budgeting. This will allow business managers to forecast and pull reports on the financials with ease. Through this process, you will be able to identify issues or problems and adjust where needed, efficiently and promptly.

Facilitating organisation within the institution

ERP systems facilitate organisation within an institution. Our custom software development services are able to create data management platforms to house the data needed for students, administrative staff and educators. This could include a system that helps to manage course work and timetables as well as administrative functions like the capturing of student marks and exam results.

Enhancing communication

ERP systems within an educational institution enhance communication. Students and staff would be able to access important information, notifications and updates from the platform. This solution allows for efficient communication between all stakeholders and cuts down on the time and resources spent standing in ques or meetings.

What You Get With Our Software Development Services

At Adapt IT Education we design, develop, implement, maintain and support a wide range of software products and services. These software development services include:

Software Development

The development of completely new systems, desktop or mobile applications that are specifically based on a client’s needs. This involves a process of software consulting, software engineering, software testing, product development, quality assurance as well as support services.

Customised Services

This includes the customisation of an existing software project to enhance the functionality of the systems.

System Integration

The need for system integration may exist where different software systems need to exchange information. We have extensive experience in developing interfaces to meet specific client requirements.

Data Correction

In the unlikely event that data errors occur, we are able to assist with data correction at the database level to rectify such situations.

Adapt IT Education’s software development services will make the process of digital transformation, within your institution, an efficient and effective one. With years of experience at our disposal and a team of innovative professionals, we are the partner of choice.

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