JasperReport® Server & Jaspersoft® Studio

JasperReport® Server & Jaspersoft® Studio are essential ITS Integrator tools used to compile, design and distribute reports.

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JasperReport® Server & Jaspersoft® Studio

JasperReport® Server & Jaspersoft® Studio are essential ITS Integrator tools used to compile, design and distribute reports as well as securely manage the reports, visuals, and dashboards. The JasperReport® Server is a stand-alone embedded reporting server which provides reporting and analytics for both mobile and web applications. Jaspersoft Studio® then gives you the necessary tools to design, build and customise the reports.

Why Institutions Choose JasperReport® Server and Jaspersoft® Studio

JasperReport® Server & Jaspersoft® Studio is designed to make the process of generating and creating reports efficient and straightforward. Other benefits of this software include:

JasperReport® Server Benefits:

Usability and accessibility 

JasperReports® Server software allows connection to any data source, enabling you to design reports and visuals that are interactive and then deliver them in a variety of formats and locations. 

Self-service reporting

JasperReports® Server software provides an easy drag-and-drop self-service environment for non-technical users to create reports, dashboards, and visualisations that can be saved and shared.

Time and effort saving 
JasperReports® Server software is simple to use and manages the process of pulling reports with ease, saving you on time and effort.

Jaspersoft® Studio Benefits:

Design Flexibility

Jaspersoft® Studio software is able to meet any design or institute requirement with its pixel-perfect design environment.


Jaspersoft® Studio software interface and features supports the reuse of reports and components, saving on development time and ensuring consistency in designs.

Widest Selection of Data Sources

Jaspersoft® Studio supports a wide selection of data sources of any report designer, and can define a custom data source to support your unique data needs.

JasperReport® Studio is a powerful, cost-effective reporting software that features:

Unlimited reports for an unlimited number of users without per-user pricing
Schedule thousands of reports on a single server
Secure report access to easily integrate with existing identity management directories
Simplified report drill-down design and integration
Conditional printing and formatting
Multiple data sources
Export to different formats
Flexible reporting server architectures simplifies developer integration effort for providing secure, organised and interactive reports
Report search makes locating reports quick and easy

JasperReport® Server is a powerful, cost-effective reporting software that features:


Fully dockable and configurable interface that supports localisation, with unlimited undo/redo support, a visual designer with drag and drop functionality and more.

Report Layout

Support for input parameters, like the ability to perform calculations at different report levels including sum, average, count, min/max, custom calculations, and standard deviation and more.

Templates and Designing Tools

A large set of report templates that are ready to use or customise with the report wizard and more.

Export and Preview

Integrated preview with the ability to export to PDF, HTML, XHTML, XLS, RTF, DOCX, Text, CSV, OpenOffice, XML, PNG. This software also has the functionality to execute a report using different locations and time zones and more.

Data sources and Data Adapters 4

Support for all relational databases accessible via JDBC. The software also includes support for a broad set of data sources including local and remote XML files, arrays and collections of Java Beans, CSV files, Hibernate connections, EJBQL connections, XMLA servers, custom data sources and JRDataSourceProviders. 

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