ITS Integrator Training

ITS Integrator provides
training for full digital
adoption by users

Next-generation education management applications for higher and further education institutions

ITS Integrator Training

What is ITS Integrator Training?

ITS Integrator is software for higher education institutions that provides a rich set of functionality to streamline and dramatically improve the overall efficiency of back-office and front office operations, and the ability to offer self-service and mobility to students and staff.

The ITS Integrator system merges all spheres of higher education, including business, financial reporting, HR, student registration and administration for the smooth running of FET colleges and other higher education institutions.

The top benefits of employees fully adopting the software include:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Meeting the changing needs of students
  • Reduced operational costs

The benefits of digital adoption (the full use of software) are clear. In fact, business boosts productivity by 40% when the software is used to its full potential. However, successful digital transformation is not possible without users fully adopting digital solutions.

And to get them to embrace the use of new technology means they need to be trained.

Adapt Education not only offers ITS Integrator as software for higher educational facilities but also provides training for full digital adoption by users.

Why Institutions Choose Our ITS Integrator Training

Adapt Education, part of the Adapt IT Group, provides leading independent technology solutions in education and training.

Educational Institutes Benefits

Radically improved operational efficiency
Higher productivity
Improved student experience
Reduction in operational costs

What You Get With Our ITS Integrator Training

We provide training according to your needs

New Module

When a new system module is purchased and installed, training is provided around the new module only.

New Release Enhancement

New releases and enhancements are supported by a detailed user guide which aide’s self-development and provides for the ability to self-implement new functionality.

Full System Training

Full system training for when the ITS Integrator software is first installed, and for new employees who come on board and need to use the system, as knowledge transfer from one employee to the next tends to be only the minimum to perform the job. This form of training is hands on. An attendance certificate is issued to all trainees.

Certification training

Employees can be certified users of ITS Integrator, which is software that is used by many higher education facilities, so those staff who make use of the software become quite in-demand. This program is delivered through a distance method with assessments forming part of the portfolio of evidence for competence assessment. Learners receive a certificate of competence upon completion of the course. Recognition of prior learning will be extended to those learners who meet the qualifying criteria.

Best Practice

Best practice workshops focus on job content irrespective of the software system in use.

Technical training, titled “A Basic Technical overview of ITS Integrator”; available for ITS Integrator version 4.1 institutions. This is a course geared towards Technical ITS Integrator support staff, UNIX administrators and Oracle support staff, and includes:

UNIX setup

Installation and configuration of the Oracle database server software

Installation and configuration of the Oracle Internet Application Server software (IAS EE)

Structure of the ITS Integrator software


Backup and recovery

Oracle licensing rules

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